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Jistawi app is an instant personal loan app which will make your financing needs easier than ever before. Get a personal loan instantly.

 Personal Loan Instantly

Depending on your financial situation, be able to achieve your financial goals faster with a trusted loan. Enjoy fast access to the funds and accomplish your goals.

 Jistawi Loan App

Jistawi App, a first of its kind application by Jiwezeshe Creative Venture, has been designed to make your personal financing needs easier than it ever was before. Download the app today and enjoy convenience.


You do not need to upload any documents, visit a branch or call anyone – your personal loan application, sanction and disbursement of funds is almost instantaneous. Your loan will be sent directly to your Mpesa account, instantly.

Process To Apply & Get Personal Loan

Download the Jistawi App for free from Google play store and receive your personal loan instantly anytime, anywhere, in just 3 simple steps. STEP I -Enter your loan amount STEP II – Answer few questions STEP III – Get money in your Mpesa account instantly

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We are here to help individuals with financial assistance that can be trusted. Jistawi makes it easy for you to access loans anytime, anywhere. Register in seconds, apply for a loan and receive your money straight to your account. It’s a fast, convenient and reliable way to access credit when you need it.

Core Values

Jistawi loan app! We provide instant loans directly to your mpesa account, all with flexible repayment terms.

Our Core Values Are :






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" The Jistawi App is excellent! What more can I ask? It's Jistawi all the way. Keep up!"

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" It's really efficient and reliable, helpful in time of urgency. "

" It good and reliable, very fast without stress"

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